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Life can change without a moment’s notice. Here’s to finding hope and beauty in all of life’s challenges.

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It’s Time To Stop Holding Women To A Different Standard! - Isn’t it time to stop holding women to a different standard?!? The fat comments, the ugly comments…I’ve heard it all over the years. Yep, it comes with the territory when you’re in the public eye—people are going to judge you. Here’s the thing—out of the countless rude messages and emails I’ve received in my career,...
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After 388 Days, I’m Officially Done! - After 388 days, I’m officially done. 12 ½ months of pumping and nursing. 2,376 sessions and more than 500 hours spent making milk. HOLY COW. Literally. I felt like a cow much of the time. I had no plans to nurse and pump for as long as I did, but the coronavirus pandemic meant more...
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Welcome to the family: Why we joined the pandemic puppy craze! - Call us crazy (Really, you should!). Just a week after our baby turned one-year-old, we picked up a new addition to the family–a blue weimaraner puppy. Jackson was not a spur of the moment decision, instead a planned out family member, dating back years. But now, just four days into new puppy parenting, I realize...
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Hi, I’m

I’m a journalist and a writer, but my favorite title is ‘mom’. As a parent to a surviving triplet and two children in Heaven, I’ve learned how precious every day is. I hope my words inspire you to embrace each moment as I walk you through the challenges of my life.

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When you learn to love yourself,
your beauty shines from within.

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