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Life can change without a moment’s notice. Here’s to finding hope and beauty in all of life’s challenges.

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The Picture I Will Never Forget - In the chaos of getting ready for family pictures, my 6-year-old daughter stopped me in my tracks. “Mommy, I want to get a picture with Parker and Abby.” Those two names caught me off guard. For six years, our family has been a “party of 3” on the surface—me, my husband and our daughter. And...
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I Will Not Be Silenced When It Comes To Child Loss - It may make some people uncomfortable. It may even make you cringe. But I will never stop talking about my children who died. 1 in 8 couples experience a form of child loss. And chances are you know someone who has. So, it’s comments like this one that make me sad…Sad that so many parents...
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We Need To Talk About Postpartum Mental Health - Postpartum mental health. It needs to be talked about. We spend 9+ months growing a human. We endure physical, mental and emotional challenges as body changes, while our womb protects and nurtures a baby. Throughout the pregnancy, our baby is closely monitored. But what about the mother? We’re told to fill out a form about...
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Hi, I’m

I’m a journalist and a writer, but my favorite title is ‘mom’. As a parent to a surviving triplet and two children in Heaven, I’ve learned how precious every day is. I hope my words inspire you to embrace each moment as I walk you through the challenges of my life.

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When you learn to love yourself,
your beauty shines from within.

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