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Life can change without a moment’s notice. Here’s to finding hope and beauty in all of life’s challenges.

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Sometimes it is hard to let go - My heart was racing, my hands shaking, as I carefully took the shadow box off the wall. One by one, I took down my children’s keepsakes, some of the only tangible items of my son and daughter who are no longer alive. Abby, Peyton, Parker. Those three shadowboxes have been a staple of our nursery...
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It’s OK to be sad during the holiday season - I found myself crying today in the school drop off line. And again, as I sat on the couch at home. Grief shows up at the most random times, and today it hit me: the holiday season is here. As you gather around the table to celebrate, please be kind to those whose hearts may...
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My daughter may never be the best, but she is teaching an important life lesson to others - My daughter raced in her first ever swim meet. She was the girl who stopped midway to fix her goggles, the one who was a full length of a pool behind the other swimmers. My daughter was the one that the crowd cheered for, not for winning a race, but because she was the last...
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Hi, I’m

I’m a journalist and a writer, but my favorite title is ‘mom’. As a parent to a surviving triplet and two children in Heaven, I’ve learned how precious every day is. I hope my words inspire you to embrace each moment as I walk you through the challenges of my life.

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When you learn to love yourself,
your beauty shines from within.

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